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''The Human's in The Telling' logo with David Maxwell Fye in a hat

'Let me write the songs of the people and I care not who makes their laws.' 
Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun
(a favourite quotation of David Maxwell Fyfe) 

The ‘songs of the people’ conjure for us the rights and freedoms of all under the protection of the Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Europe.

We perform our words and songs to confirm and celebrate the rebirth and evolution

of human rights during that 75 years.

This website, formerly, will be launched in the spring as For now it remains our social media hub. See below. 

75 years on, members of the family of David Maxwell Fyfe tell the story of his journey from Nuremberg to Strasbourg to become an artisan of the ECHR

Standing with the Barons

We believe in human rights, democracy and the rule of law. But we believe that those who have been making our laws, and who are still legislating, have let us down.

The highest court in the land has told the government, having studied the evidence, that it is not safe for migrants to be dispatched to Rwanda.

The government's response is to legislate that Rwanda is safer, rather than making it so.

The Bill is presently under debate in the House of Lords where members of all parties, including Conservatives, have expressed their profound concern.

So we care not who makes our laws...

Magna Carta Progress 6

Just as in 1215, the Archbishop of Canterbury has led with strong words and the country is looking to the barons, and baronesses to protect the liberty of a few in the face of a power-hungry executive - to preserve the universal rights and freedoms of us all.

While we wait to see what action the Lords will take to tether and stall the government, we will stand by the Barons performing Dreams of Peace & Freedom in Magna Carta centres.

Poster for Dreams of Peace and Freedom By Sue Casson and A Magna Carta Progress June 15th 2022 - 4th November 2025
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