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'Let me write the songs of the people and I care not who makes their laws.' 
Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun
(a favourite quotation of David Maxwell Fyfe) 

The ‘songs of the people’ conjure for us the rights and freedoms of all under the protection of the Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Europe.

We perform the words and songs of our song cycle Dreams of Peace & Freedom to confirm

and celebrate the rebirth and evolution

of human rights during that 75 years.

This website, formerly, will soon be launched as For now it remains our social media hub. See below. 

75 years on, members of the family of David Maxwell Fyfe tell the story of his journey from Nuremberg to Strasbourg to become an artisan of the ECHR

12 Articles of Freedom

We believe in human rights, democracy and the rule of law, values enshrined in law in the European Convention on Human Rights.

But over the past parliament demands to ignore or withdraw from these protections have become increasingly commonplace.

Now Reform has announced a 6 year plan to eliminate them altogether.


The consequences of withdrawal would profoundly impact the rights and freedoms of each one of us, and the reputation of the United Kingdom in the world.


So as the election campaigns unfold, we are challenging incoming parliamentarians of all parties to protect our fundamental universal and inalienable rights and freedoms, spelling out ECHR's articles and performing extracts of our song cycle to spread the word about this bedrock of our lives.

Magna Carta Progress 8

We launched our Magna Carta Progress in June 2022, to educate, celebrate and protect that great charter of rights and freedoms. Magna Carta and ECHR, both written in response to profound abuse of power nurturing barbarism, are two totems of natural law - the quest to make things right.

There will be performances of Dreams of Peace & Freedom for the 75th anniversary of the ECHR’s signing in November 2025. But as a prologue, as the general election campaign unfolds, we are sweeping down the country to centres of David’s life, criss-crossed with the Magna Carta trail.


See details below. 

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And we're off!

Our 12 Articles of Freedom tour, following our mystical streams of natural law down the country, has begun. 

So far we have visited these three centres...


Dornoch | Article 2 Right to Life

Edinburgh | Article 8 Right to Respect for a Private and Family Life

Durham | Article 10 Freedom of Expression

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A must for all those who want to build a better world
Dominic Grieve
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